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 New Toys in 1958
Hula  Hoops

The Hula Hoop® toy is the most popular American toy ever made.  The toy was introduced by Wham-O Manufacturing in 1958.  It cost $1.98.  It was so popular that stores kept running out.  In the first six months, Americans purchased 20 million Hula Hoop® toys.  In 1958, 100 million were sold world wide.  HULA HOOP® originated twirling a hoop around your hips or your knees or even your arms or neck.   HULA HOOP® brand hoops originally came in three swirly colors and three hoop sizes.  How many hoops could you keep going at once?   


 Cost of Living in 1958 

Gallon of Milk                 1.01
Loaf of Bread                  .19
Dozen Eggs                      .86
Postage Stamp                 .04
Hourly Min. Wage           1.01
Gallon of Gas                  .24
DOW Avg.                      583
New Auto               2,200.00
New Home            30,000.00
Average Income     4,650.00
  Do you remember the Wax Bottles we use to buy in the candy store?

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1958 Movies

- And the Oscar Goes to -
Best Movie : 'Gigi' - Directed by Vicente Minnelli
Best Actor: David Niven - 'Separate Tables'
Best Actress: Susan Hayward - 'I Want to Live'
More Movies  & TV from the 1950's
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On TV in the 1950's

Gunsmoke, Rawhide, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, Wagon Train, General Electric Theater, Tales of Wells Fargo, The Millionaire, What’s My Line, Dragnet, Maverick, The Ford Show, The Red Skelton Show, American Bandstand – Host: Dick Clark, December Bride, People Are Funny, The Jack Benny Show, The Rifleman, Father Knows Best, The Danny Thomas Show, The Price is Right, Zane Grey Theater, I’ve Got a Secret, Name That Tune, The Gale Storm Show, The Restless Gun, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Sugarfoot, The Lineup, The Loretta Young Show, Wanted: Dead or Alive, Lassie, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Real McCoys, Zorro, Have Gun Will Travel, Perry Mason, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Texan, Cheyenne, Peter Gunn, The Lawman, This Is Your Life, Twenty-One, The $64,000 Question, The Ann Sothern Show, The Perry Como Show, You Bet Your Life, I Love Lucy aired 1951- 1957, returned as The Lucille Ball – Desi Arnaz Show from 1957 - 1960

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The Sounds of Music from the '50's 


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When We Were Growing Up the World Was Much Simpler Back Then
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Another Look at Times Gone By
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 Contributed by Jane Brown RHS '58


Whatever Happened to Those Old Westerns?
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 Someone did an awesome job putting this together and with sound to boot. At the very end of the video you'll hear the song 'Thunder Road' sung by the star of the movie for which it was the theme!  Not uncommon except this is the one & only song ever recorded, for publication, sung by Robert Mitchum!      Click on the car 
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 CARS IN THE 50s AND 60s!
Contributed by Steve Wahl RHS '58